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Real ESL Video Lesson #35: Post Offices in America and Making a Request

In the ten years I’ve lived in Los Angeles, I’ve always been amazed at people who work in the post offices. The people tend to be quite (very) rude (impolite, not nice) and paranoid (worried that someone’s going to hurt them), so don’t take it personally (don’t think the person is rude because of you [...]

My Biggest Pet Peeve – Height, Weight, Width, Length

Okay, so these words are nouns – height, weight, width, length. You say, “What is the height of the entertainment center?” You do not say, “What is the heighth of the entertainment center?” It is such a common mistake, even for highly educated American people, and I think people get confused because width and length [...]

Real ESL Video Lesson #34 – Japanese Town in LA and American Grocery Stores

I wanted to bring you to one of my favorite areas in LA – the second Little Tokyo – not in downtown, but close to UCLA. I went to the Nijiya Market there today and bought some delicious salmon sashimi (raw fish), which I ate for dinner. At this Japanese grocery store, they were fast [...]

Real ESL Video Lesson #33 – Fireworks and Adjectives!!

I went out with my family to a friend’s house for a barbecue on this Fourth of July. This holiday is also called Independence Day. Many people have barbecues and watch fireworks. We usually go to the beach, but this year, I wanted something more mellow (relaxing). Here’s a quick video I did while watching [...]

The Body of the TOEFL Essay

In my last post about writing a TOEFL essay, I talked about your introductory paragraph. Usually, people don’t have time for more than their thesis and two main points or reasons. Today, I want to talk about the body of the essay – the main information section of the essay. In the body of the [...]